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Why I do things differently

I often notice business websites using photos that won’t attract new customers or increase their sales. Mediocre images that don’t look professional or stock photos that make them look indistinguishable from their competitors. Photos that tell viewers that the business lacks the confidence to invest in high-quality original images. If the company doesn’t believe in itself, why should others have confidence in it? And it bothers me.

I’m not trying to impress anyone with gimmicky photos. I don’t want viewers to even think about my photos. I want them to be interested in the people, products, places, and processes I show. I create images that communicate quality and increase trust and the desire to buy. I understand that an image is only great if it will increase your sales.

If my images attract new customers and increase sales, they’ll return for more. And they do. Over 90% of my sales are from repeat customers. Some for over twenty years.

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