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Why you want a photographer who's a Photoshop expert

It often takes a Photoshop expert to make an image great.

The best photographer in the world can’t deliver perfection unless the subject is perfect . . . and they seldom are.

If you want high-quality images that increase sales, some photos may benefit by enhancement and retouching. It’s only a question of who will do it, how well, and how quickly.

Rich is internationally recognized for his commercial advertising photography and Photoshop expertise. He combines these skills to create images that enhance his clients’ image and increase their sales. He does all of the photography, retouching, compositing, and enhancing personally, never by an assistant.

Often, the best way to create a particular look or solve a technical problem is by compositing (combining) several photos. As an award-winning commercial photographer for over 30 years, Rich has an in-depth knowledge of optics, lighting, and perspective. In addition to his Photoshop expertise, he uses numerous other image-processing programs and hundreds of post-production techniques. 

 Because of this, Rich can provide cost-effective solutions to almost any challenge.

Extraordinary results require extraordinary means

Product Ad

Product photos that were composited in Photoshop: Top

Digitally enhanced photo: Below

component images that were composited by Photoshop expert Richard Quindry
Completed Photoshop image after being composited by Photoshop expert Richard Quindry

This digitally enhanced photo is created from four images: the flashlight by itself to light the product, the model holding the flashlight in the same position, a shot for the forward beam, and the last for the rear lights. They were then combined in Photoshop, including moving the switch down ever so slightly to make it visible below the fireman’s glove.

Then additional work was done to fade the image into the darkness to allow for white text; subdue the red in the bottom of the fireman’s coat; stretch the coat under the light, and enhance product details. Using a photographer who is a Photoshop expert dramatically streamlines the entire process.

Architectural exterior

One of the photos that were composited: Top
Final digitally enhanced photo: Below

One of the component images that was composited by Photoshop expert Richard Quindry
Finished image after being composited in Photoshop by Photoshop expert Richard Quindry

This digitally enhanced photograph was created by expertly compositing several images in Photoshop taken during a period of a few hours. Then additional retouching was done to remove the car, add flowers, enhance the sky, pump the color, subdue the computer screen, clean the curb, etc. Being a Photoshop expert makes it possible to do it invisibly.

Watch image

One of the 12 images that were combined: Top
Finished digitally enhanced photograph: Below

One component of over ten images that were composited in Photoshop.
Final image after being composited from over ten images in Photoshop.

The image above was composited from twelve photographs taken with different lighting arrangements. Each shot best highlighted one particular part of the image, usually at the detriment of some other area of the watch. Then additional work was done in Photoshop to remove dust and imperfections, enhance the face and the feel of the metal, and add the background glow.

Double necked flask

Primary image used to create the image: Top
Finished digitally enhanced image: Below

Subject as it appeared before retouching and compositing in Photoshop
By Photoshop expert Richard Quindry

This image was created for an ad announcing the merger of two oil refining companies. Pour photos were added; the background was removed; the color of the oil was changed; printing and internal reflections were removed from the flask; the single neck was changed to two; type was added and curved to the flask; ripples added to the oil surface; reflections created; etc.

More digitally enhanced images: Gallery of Photoshop before and after images

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