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Extraordinary results require extraordinary means.


Some images need Photoshop love. There is a significant advantage to using a photographer who is also a Photoshop expert. The ability to strategically plan how to make any required retouching faster and better during the photoshoot helps tremendously. Without additional photos created for this purpose, a retoucher has nothing to work with, and the resulting image often looks like an illustration. 

Quindry takes his images to the next level using Photoshop and other graphics editing applications. He’s fast; his turnaround times are exceptional.


“Seeing is believing, and believing leads to buying”




  • Before-Pharmaceutical mixing equipment
    After-Pharmaceutical mixing equipment
    Before Pharmaceutical mixing equipment After

Pharmaceutical Mixing Equipment

Rich is often called on to photograph large pieces of industrial equipment on location. This mixing equipment wasn’t finished. This was shot on a Saturday. It was to be finished and shipped on Monday. 




  • Before-Distribution Center before completion
    After-Distribution Center before completion
    Before Distribution Center before completion After


Distribution center still under construction

A client contacted Rich to photograph a distribution center in another state. They told him it was ready for photography. It needed to be promoted immediately because the financing costs were enormous.
Rich drove to the site and found the landscaping unfinished. In addition, the tree in front of the office area was dead. He knew that someone would take care of these things before anyone interested in buying the property would inspect it, but the images couldn’t wait. Rich hand-painted the leaves on the dead tree.



  • Before-Prototype photographed for a trade show display
    After-Prototype photographed for a trade show display
    Before Prototype photographed for a trade show display After

Military optical device prototype

This prototype was photographed for a trade show display. Unfortunately, the prototype was rushed out and lacked the desired fit and finish the final product would have. When you greatly enlarge a product for a large display, flaws that often aren’t even visible to the naked eye become very objectionable. Enhancing and retouching with Photoshop is a must.

  • Before-Watch
    Before Watch After

Watch image composited in Photoshop

Watch photography involves complex problems. When the lighting is beautiful for one portion of the watch’s surface, it will make other areas look terrible. The watch’s crystal reflects the light with a glare when the lighting is best for the hands and the hour markers. A leather band requires completely different lighting than a metal bezel. Because of this, each section of the watch is lit independently of other areas, then combined in Photoshop.

This image is a composite of about a dozen shots, each with different lighting.

  • Before-Clubhouse for a large apartment complex
    After-Clubhouse for a large apartment complex
    Before Clubhouse for a large apartment complex After


Clubhouse for an apartment complex

This image was created by compositing several photos taken over a couple of hours. The interior was photographed after dark so detail could be captured inside the building.

Additional retouching was done to remove the car, add flowers, enhance the sky, pump the color, subdue the computer screen, clean the curb, etc. Because Rich is both a photographer and a Photoshop expert, he can do it all invisibly and believably.

The only other way to do this is to light the inside of the building with studio flash units triggered remotely by radio. This requires a crew and much more time to set up and break down. Even then, it’s extremely difficult to make the lighting look natural.


  • Before-For an ad announcing the merger of two oil refining companies.
    After-For an ad announcing the merger of two oil refining companies.
    Before For an ad announcing the merger of two oil refining companies. After


Ad for oil company merger

This image was created for an ad announcing the merger of two oil refining companies. 

It takes more than what a product photographer or a Photoshop expert alone can do to get these results. For advanced projects like these, a photographer is usually teamed with a Photoshop artist present at the photoshoot. This doubles the man-hours required when one person can do it all.



  • Before-Photo of a diner for a magazine ad
    After-Photo of a diner for a magazine ad
    Before Photo of a diner for a magazine ad After


Ad for a diner

“Rich, I bought another restaurant today. I need it shot right away to meet a Philadelphia Magazine ad deadline.”


  • Before-Working on infrastructure
    After-Working on infrastructure
    Before Working on infrastructure After


Working on infrastructure

Rich was hired by a major water utility to take photos that showed the major investments that they were making in improving their infrastructure. When he arrived at this deep pit below street level there was a tremendous amount of dust that was billowing out of the hole.

He climbed down into the pit while the men had paused to rest. He placed them where he wanted them positioned and instructed the jack hammer operator to just use it for a few seconds so as to not get too much dust into his lens. As it happened, he was on solid rock and there was hardly any dust created at all. No matter, Rich used Photoshop to re-create it.


Additional Before and After Samples

  • Before-New hire for law firm photographed in Rich's studio
    After-New hire for law firm photographed in Rich's studio
    Before New hire for law firm photographed in Rich's studio After




Photos of new employees can be done less expensively in Rich’s studio while still matching what he’s previously shot on location.


  • Before-From a series promoting a line of organic products
    After-From a series promoting a line of organic products
    Before From a series promoting a line of organic products After




Your images only matter if you want more sales.



  • Before-Executive Headshot
    After-Executive Headshot
    Before Executive Headshot After




Make-up artists are not required. This speeds up photoshoots.

  • Before-Medical product
    After-Medical product
    Before Medical product After




This background was created to match the product’s logo color.

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