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Product Photography

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Product photos that increase sales

Rich has been in business as a Philadelphia commercial photographer doing product photography for major corporations for over 30 years.

He understands that an image is only creative if it increases sales. He combines his experience with lighting and composition with his nationally recognized expertise in Photoshop to create images that make products look as attractive as possible. All this is important if you want images that enhance the image of your products and increase sales. If you’re selling by catalog or on the internet, people can’t touch, taste, hear or smell your products. Your product photos are vitally important because we buy with our eyes. Better photos always win; it’s only a question of who has them.

All of his work is royalty-free and covered by his 100% no-risk guarantee (see the “why hire rich” section for details). Most jobs require no advance payment.

Rich does all of the photography and retouching himself, never delegating to an assistant. You’re encouraged to compare his product photography side by side with that of other photographers you’re considering. Then ask yourself who’s product photographs would increase your desire to buy.

In addition to smalll products he also specializes in shooting huge industrial products on location, macro product photography, photography of paintings and textiles where color accuracy is paramount, medical product photography and jewelry photography.

.If you’re looking for a great Philadelphia product photographer, bring your product photography projects to Rich’s studio. You’ll be delighted with the results. If you’re not near Philadelphia or can’t make it to the studio, you can ship your small products to Rich for photography.

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