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Do you want to attract new customers?

Then you need photos that communicate quality, inspire trust and create desire. You must show who you are, what you do, and how you’re different.

Imagine the lifetime value of a customer. That’s how much you can lose when someone leaves your website and goes elsewhere.

Remember, we buy with our eyes.

What most photographers don't want you to know.

It’s professional photography’s dirty little secret . . . In addition to beautiful lighting and great color, the best images are almost always enhanced and retouched . . . even supermodels.

To end up with great images, some of your photos will probably require some enhancement and retouching. It’s only a question of who will do it,
how well, and how quickly.

Unfortunately, most photographers have minimal retouching skills.

Why stock photos don't work, and their hidden cost.

Stock photos can make you look bogus. Almost everyone can tell they’re not yours.

At the very least, they make you look like everybody else. But if people think you’re the same as everybody else, there’s no reason to buy from you unless you’re the cheapest. 

Their actual cost can be the loss of new customers to competitors.

What makes Rich's images different.

Rich has received international acclaim as a commercial advertising photographer and Photoshop expert. His images increase sales by enhancing perceptions. He understands the photos are only successful if they’ll increase your sales.

You'll be delighted. . . he guarantees it!

It’s been over 15 years and more than 2000 assignments since he’s had a return.

Most jobs require no advance payment.

Enhance your image and increase your sales.

E-mail or call Rich at 215-368-9260 during business hours to discuss your project. He’ll be happy to let you know if he’s available and provide an estimate when he knows all the details.

Request a free estimate.