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Philadelphia architectural photographer


Rich Quindry has been doing professional architectural photography in the Philadelphia region for over 25 years.

Rich gets it. He understands that an image is only creative if it increases your sales. His specialty is digitally enhanced photography. He combines his experience with lighting, knowledge of the sun’s movement, and photo compositing skills as a nationally recognized Photoshop expert to create images that make architectural projects look their best.

Rich does all the photography and enhancing himself, never delegating to assistants. You’re encouraged to compare his architectural images with those of other photographers you’re considering. Then ask yourself whose photographs would increase your desire to hire the architect, builder, interior designer, etc.

Rich’s goal when shooting for clients is not to create images that make people say, “Look at this great photo,” but rather, “Look how beautiful this ‘space’ or ‘building’ is.” The purpose is never to bring attention to him but rather to make the person unaware of any “photographic technique” and get caught up in the beauty of what they’re looking at.

If you’re in the region and looking for an excellent Philadelphia architectural photographer, call Rich.

To see samples of Rich’s architectural images, click here.