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Philadelphia commercial photographer and Photoshop expert Rich Quindry creates images that enhance the image of his clients and increase their sales. Here you’ll find samples of his work, his 100% no-risk guarantee, the clients he serves, before and after images and more.

Because we buy with our eyesbetter photos always win. It’s only a question of who has them.

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International recognition of photographer Richard Quindry

An internationally recognized photographer

In addition to receiving many awards, articles about Rich and his work have appeared as far away as China.
The image above is the opening spread of an eight-page feature article about Rich Quindry and showcasing his work in Commercial Images, China’s leading commercial photography magazine. He was the only photographer in the 128-page magazine who was not from China. The China Photographers Association publishes the monthly magazine.
Rich has been hired numerous times by attorneys and even the U.S. government as an expert witness providing forensic analysis of photos and to determine whether images have been Photoshopped. Reporters for major newspaper and news outlets on both sides of the Atlantic have also called on Rich for his opinion on the authenticity of photographs that they have been presented with.

Philadelphia commercial photographer and Photoshop Expert Richard Quindry

 For over 30 years, Rich has been in business doing photography of people, products, and architecture for advertising and marketing. He creates images for many national and multi-national clients. He has a 100% no-risk guarantee. Based in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Specialties include product photography, corporate headshot photography,  and architectural photography. He is one of Philadelphia’s  premier commercial photographers, and has received international acclaim for his work. He is also a nationally recognized Photoshop expert. 

If you’re searching for a Philadelphia commercial photographer give Rich a call. He’s been in business for over 30 years, providing award winning images for local, regional, national and multi-national corporations. Clients know that he can be relied on to come through with beautiful images that help sell products, communicate quality and inspire trust. His specialty is digitally enhanced photography. He combines his skills as both an internationally recognized photographer and a Photoshop experts to provide photographs that few other professional photographers can. Rich is so confident of his ability to provide his clients with the results that they want that he backs it up with a 100% no-risk satisfaction guarantee. 

bHe has long term relationships with many clients that span over 30 years.  This is because of the quality of his award winning work, his dependability, easy going manner, great personal service and his determination to make every project a win-win situation. He has been fortunate enough to work with many talented clients including design firms in and around Philadelphia, advertising agencies, Philadelphia based corporations, architects, marketing firms and magazines looking for a top-notch professional photographer in Philadelphia, PA. He also does product photography for clients all over the country.

On this site you’ll find many helpful resources to help you to find out more about Rich including his extensive client list, a testimonials page, a page describing some of the photoshop digital enhancement capabilities that he has, an info page describing what unique abilities Rich brings to the table including details on his 100% no-risk satisfaction guarantee. There are also sample images in five portfolios displaying his ability as a Philadelphia product photographer, his special techniques used as a macro medical product photographer, his skill as a Philadelphia corporate photographer, his ability as a Philadelphia corporate headshot photographer to get great images of people including executive portraits and headshots, jewelry photography and what makes him an excellent choice as a Philadelphia architectural photographer. He also is known for his high end Philadelphia corporate headshots. Many more examples of his personal photographs can be seen and purchased at These include images produced for multi-national corporations, images of executives, products and architecture produced for brochures, advertisements, annual reports, web sites, billboards, point of purchase displays, and trade show booths. 

If you’re interested in the thought process that drives his approach to commercial photography, you can learn more at his blog Enhancing Your Image. There you will find tips on using photographs to increase your sales and also see recent photography assignments that Rich has done.

He’s nationally recognized as a Photoshop expert who specializes in digitally enhanced photographs of people, architecture and products that are crafted to increase the sales of his clients, which include many multi-national corporations. You can also see many of his before and after Photoshop examples.

With his many years of experience as a Philadelphia product photographer, he has acquired a great deal of specialized knowledge. One of these areas is in specialized techniques of photomicrography. This is especially useful when photographing small medical products. He has a special website dedicated to this called

Rich also has a website dedicated to his corporate headshots: 

If your’re interested in his judicial portraits and founders portraits with are digitally painted on archival stretched canvas go to this website –

You can find more recommendations of Rich on Linkedin.

He is one of the leading Philadelphia commercial photographers.

He also provides expert testimony for the legal community as a forensic photography expert and a forensic Photoshop expert.

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